With today’s technology almost no one picks up the newspaper and turns to the classified section to look for a job nor do they call for an interview time and then have an interview. Today most people use the web to find their next job. All they have to do is type in what they are looking for whether it’s by job title, location, or company. Once at the correct site they click on employment and see what jobs are open and apply online. Even fast food restaurants are having potential applicants fill out a job application online. In addition, there are many social media avenues online that people are seeking them out to look for jobs.

One advantage of looking online for a job is that you may be able to find out about the perfect job opening before it is advertised to the public giving yourself an edge of securing the job. Ten years ago people went from reading the classified section of the newspaper to find a job to looking at online job boards and now they are using social media. Many companies today are investing in technology along with employees to help them find perspective employees for new jobs.

One way for a prospective employee to find job openings in a company that they are interested in working for is to follow these companies on Twitter. Some companies even have different Twitter accounts designed especially to announce job openings in their company. Many companies, in order to save money, will put out the first word about jobs that are opening up on either Linkedln or Twitter instead of putting the openings on job boards. Even if the company that you are following does not have a separate account for job openings you can still get information about possible upcoming job openings such as by a higher person in the company may say on Twitter that they are intending to grow a particular area of the company.

If you want to connect with a business on a professional social media network Linkedln would be the site online to check out. At the top of the page look for the company tab and then you can use the search function there to find companies by either the industry they are in or the name of the company. This is also a way to find a variety of companies in the industry you are interested in finding jobs in. Once you start to follow a firm(s) you will generally start to see postings for any openings they have in the company. You will also be able to see news about people who have either left the company or taken a new position which means their old position is possible open for you to apply for the job.

When on Twitter and following companies you can get alerts for new jobs but if you are following certain ones it could get you noticed by the various recruiters who are using Twitter to find possible new applicants for job openings in their company. No matter which social media venue you use or how you use it always make sure that you are maintaining a professional profile.