Social Recruiting: Advantages of New Social Recruitment

Traditional recruitment methods are totally outdated and a very expensive way of recruiting. Recruitment using social media revolutionises the way recruitment is done, giving the employers the advantage of viewing the potential employee profiles. The advantages of recruitment using the social media methodology are enormous in comparison to the conventional methods.

The conventional method relied heavily on advertisements, using newspapers to advertise for the jobs. This method is a very expensive method where you advertise in the print media and any person who thinks that they qualify can apply for the jobs. This method attracts many people who are not qualified to apply for the jobs. Many of the applicants may not have any idea of the company they are applying for, making recruitment using the print media expensive and time consuming.

Social media on the other hand has the technological advantage where jobs advertisements can be targeted. Using the internet the company can advertises jobs easily and quickly and in a cost effective way. The jobs can be posted to a selected audience using social media to people who match the profile of the job requirements. This method reduces the cost of recruitment dramatically. The ability to target the potential candidates is the greatest advantage of this type of recruitment.

The use of social media to recruit enables the future employer to interact with the potential employee through many different channels. The potential employees can share their profiles with the potential employers. The employers can use the profiles to pre-select the interviewees before interviewing them. The use of this technology will help the employer to know more about the candidate’s interest and profile more than the conventional resume. The conventional resume may be just a page or two and may not cover all that the employer considers to be important. The personal profile on the other hand may have many more details, and the employee’s interests and potentials can be analysed way ahead of the interviews.

The suitability of the candidates with the conventional method is done through a long process of short listings and interviews. This process is very expensive since the number of applicants can run into thousands while the job openings can be very few. This results in the company spending so much time and money. Using social media recruitment one can easily identify the persons who are qualified and at the touch of the button be able to get suitable candidates in minutes. This is a major plus of using the social recruiting method and the company can save on time and money.

The potential employees have major advantages with using the social media methodology. They can follow the companies of their interest and understand the company’s products and services. They can join the company’s community and follow news and information using the different social media of their choice. The potential employees can be educated about the company’s operations and understand the company’s culture even before recruitment.

Social recruiting reduces expenses by saving time and money in the recruitment process. The potential employees can gain inside information about the companies they are interested in. The employer and the employee benefit tremendously through this cost effective method of recruitment.