Unlike what many people are aware of it is possible for technology to be worn. There are many gadgets at disposal today and they help by keeping the wearer entertained and connected all the time. As a way of making lives simpler a number of gadgets have been developed. In addition to wearing them, it is possible to carry them. Therefore, they will make you appear unique, and they are cool. The elegant gadgets satisfy their objectives owing to the unique features and they become fashion accessories and they also make fashion statements.

One of such gadgets is the WI-Fi detecting shirts. These shirts detect the signals for WI-Fi and this way, sharing data is possible. The shirt has bars that are glowing on the front. Through the glow, it is possible to know the strength of the signal. triple A batteries are used for powering the gadget. When not sharing data, the batteries can be slipped out and the animated decal is unhooked. As one washes the shirt, the battery pack should be unplugged, the ribbon connector be removed, and the washing must be gentle.

Fingernail watch is the other gadget. The watch types are varied and they also come in different styles, sizes, shapes, and technology. However fingernail watch is made using innovative technology that is unique. The watch fits snugly on the nail. It has a body that is translucent while its design ensures that the watch fits on the nail smoothly. The glow feature and text color is activated through being issued with a command. The watch is tiny and the minimalist designs while it is also disposable and affordable.

Interactive tattoos are an example of how it is possible to infuse technology into the blood. The tattoos tend to be implanted right beneath the skin and it only needs an incision that is small. The device has two tubes and are attached to the vein or artery and so that there is blood flow through them. The device is a blood fuel cell which converts oxygen and glucose in the blood into electricity. The device’s display is similar to inked tattoos. The fact is that in the device, there are tiny microscopic spheres and this is responsible for the glowing device. One only needs to push a glowing button that is on the device as a way of turning it on and off. Note that this is only a concept that is waiting to be executed.

The other gadget that can be worn is USB sunglasses. The specialized sunglasses come with s special frame that allows for USB drive whose capacity is 4GB. The USB drive tends to be nestled into the glasses’ metallic frame. Therefore, no one can detect them other than the user, yet 4 GBs is a huge amount of space. This is one way of combining gadgetry and fashion.

This mean that man’s thirst for technology is endless and is not limited to hand-held gadgets. Wearable gadgets are a combination of technology, portability, fashion, and originality.