Selecting the Right Open Source Social Networking Software

The open source social networking software you will use to build your social networking site can actually make or break the success of your business. Thus, when choosing the software to use, it is essential to know first the applications and features that the software offers so you are assured that it will give you the things your site will need to succeed.

What is open source software?

Open source software contains a source code that can be available used by everyone for as long as open modifications are maintained. This means that website creators can use this software and customize the codes to come up with virtual communities with features like music, videos, instant messenger, blogs, forums and the likes. Once the social networking community is operating, it should be open to individuals who want to join the community and meet others with similar interests while enjoying website features.

There are different types of open source applications that vary in function such as the scope of use or flexibility. Each type of application may be different from the other in terms of performances or limitations in areas like access, content, documentation and support. Furthermore, these programs can be offered under various permits.

The popular features that most open source software contain include music, videos, pictures, instant messenger, video chat, RSS feeds, blogs, games, forum, profile comments and flash chat. Open source applications can be generally connected with social networking sites like FaceBook® or Twitter®.

Reminders in the Selection and Use of Open Source Software

· Create a list of specifications or requirements needed for your business. Determine the features and the core function needed while considering the designated software users.

· Review the various software selections; then choose an open source application based in these business requirements. Make sure that the program matches all your needs to make the business flourish.

· Users should have enough background and knowledge about technology. Having sufficient understanding about the software and how it will help in the business will lead you to the right choice of application. Moreover, you won’t be wasting money on programs that promise a lot yet return unsatisfying results.

· Once the software is installed, you should also be able to support it or consider hiring consultants or IT specialists especially if the program is slightly more complicated. That is why sufficient background about the software is important as it lets you measure how much you know about it or if there’s a need for another party for more complicated processes concerning the application.

· Open source doesn’t necessarily mean that the software is entirely for free. There may be costs involved such as paying for its license of use or some features and upgrades may only be available for customization or installation if paid for.

The proper selection and use of open source social networking software paves the way to a more successful social networking business. Further, those things become possible if the application users have sufficient knowledge in the proper use, maintenance, and management of the software and the entire product made from it.