Can Technology Really Deal With the Social Evil of Dowry?

In the 21st century, we can still find the wretched old social evils creeping up. Country is yet not free from the shackles of dowry. Not only in the backward rural areas, the evils of dowry creep up among the well-educated families too. It has been a long fought battle against dowry but yet the evil thrives in our society.

Matrimonial sites also have started taking up campaigns to make people aware about the horrifying truth and the evils of dowry. Through forums on the Marriage websites people now can see the data that shakes anyone to their core. Using technology to make people aware of the evils of dowry can create a stir of change in the scenario at least in those families which have their sons and daughters of marriageable age. While the problem still exists in the rural areas, but with time and education more and more people and professional matchmakers take up the initiatives to end this evil once and for all.

It comes down to the families who need to understand that dowry takes away the essence of the institution of marriage. Matrimony is supposed to be about two people committing themselves to the bond and companionship. Matrimonial sites create digitally interactive platforms with revealing facts and data in hopes of a change.

The marital social issues in today’s scenario are on a rise. Even though hearing about them has become very common, they have negatively impacted the overall environment and the way people are now looking at the bond of marriage. Almost 50{f6a2710aa095913ec9934fad59095fb27ca562565e2c0098b5ccc108ff0eb746} of couples are in constant hustle to mend things and attempting to live harmoniously with their so called soul mates. Many matrimonial websites have shown great promise in the area of generating awareness and also assisting in legal matters to work towards the betterment of the society. The victims of marital abuse due to dowry are now speaking up, sharing their stories and the marriage websites help these stories to be heard among the marriage aspiring youth with the concern to their well-being and the evolution of the society.

Though, there have been positive responses when it comes to the virtual interference in the case, but yet the evils of dowry prevail. It has rotten the roots of the foundation on which the matrimony in works. We need to be vigilant, and self-aware with the notion of “what can we do?”. With small initiatives among our friends and families, we can do our part in the battle against dowry.

Wagering the institution of marriage with the sum of money and materialistic things is a shame. Matrimony is the oldest and the most sacred institutions for human beings. Keeping the institution of marriage aside; the concept of dowry has its ramifications outside the matrimony too. The parents find sons to be more desirable than daughters for the fact of dowry itself. Though the law has made it illegal gives the situation a ray of hope, tempting many to think that the dowry practice is fading out, but such is not the reality.