Businesses will always want to outdo each other through the different kinds of innovations that they can incorporate into themselves. The best businesses can recognize beneficial updates whether systemic or technological and adapt or absorb these quickly into their structures.

Adaptation is an attribute of the strong. Stronger businesses are also those that are more adaptable to change. Technologically superior businesses are big today; conversely those that do not have the merits of being able to use the modern updates usually succumb to the eventual downfall. And what is the latest weapon for these businesses to use? Social networks seem to have been the sweet spot for modern businesses in contemporary times, not only in Sydney, but throughout the world.

Technology, more specifically information technology is growing in a very rapid state. The importance of connectedness has been overemphasized over and over again. People need to have their real life relationships and virtual relationships to mirror each other. There is a sense of validation to having a virtual equivalent of a real life connection to a person, an object, a corporation, or an organization.

The social network has been the first of its kind to introduce marketing for all kinds of businesses in such a way that the people themselves are propelling the product to public exposure. The “like” and “follow” system of social networks establish connections with the user to a product or company page, which they then are capable of receiving updates from. These updates can be serious or witty; whichever appeals more to the target audience the product is aiming for. Up and coming businesses and large multinational corporations alike can gain so much in customer market shares, not to mention profit, when they choose to have a presence in the online community.

Social networking has touched every facet of human culture. Most of all, social networks have tons and tons of different people from a mixed demographic amassing a large chunk of the world’s population in their databases. If one could tap into that market, whatever the product or service a company is selling, there will always be customers and potential customers. Especially when coupled with exposure from other forms of media, having friends that like or follow a particular product or brand will validate their want or need of such, and lead to a rise in sales.

It is really not a question of if a company can afford to join social networks and be heard. It is a question of when. And how much impact it may have on your profits.

Which social networking platforms is your business using?