A Better Deal HEPA Air Purifiers Vs Chemical Sensitive Air Purifier

The filter technology used by HEPA purifiers is considered to be the best technology available as yet to the air cleaners. It has the standard of removing 99.97{f6a2710aa095913ec9934fad59095fb27ca562565e2c0098b5ccc108ff0eb746} of allergy particles like pollen and dust. With other air cleaners, these particles will pass through the filter and infiltrate the office and home.

Though HEPA is effective, it remains so only if the filters are changed regularly. It doesn’t talk of removing odors or harmful chemicals that float in the air. Recently it was discovered that this need can be addressed by inserting a thin mat of activated carbon and UV lamps. This destroys microorganisms that may try to enter the house or office atmosphere.

Most HEPA air purifier are light weight and portable. There is a creative safety lock that will shut off the machine automatically if the front cover is removed or not fixed. It is energy efficient and highly recommended for homes. Different kinds of pollutants, pet fur or hair, various gases floating around; they are all absorbed by the multi gas HEPA air filter with attached carbon activated filter.

High tech gadget like photo catalytic oxidation controls various gases and VOCs that enter unwanted, harming your health. The UV lamps inside reduce bacteria. HEPA air purifiers can be fixed easily on the wall and turned on by remote when ever one wants to use it.

HEPA would be a great source of good air in the room but also a source of constant irritation. However if you are very sensitive or suffer from MCS, HEPA air purifiers will be heaven sent. Those who have developed MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) which in short means debilitated chemical sensitivity are a direct target of the chemicals and pollutants in the air.

They frequently fall sick by the most common things such as new paint, strong perfumes, detergents, smoke, smell of the new carpet or furniture, etc. Such products exude chemicals in high concentrations.

MCS attacks are triggered by small amounts of chemicals emitted from everyday house hold items. Some times, air fresheners can also trigger an attack. What one needs to do in such situations is to change the products they use to chemical free products.

Sometimes it is also the plastic associated with the air cleaner that can trigger an attack. With HEPA air purifier, one will not need to fear such a trigger. If you have an MCS patient at home, it is important to invest in the air cleaner for a normal healthy life. End the debate of HEPA Air Purifier Vs. Chemical Sensitive air purifier and choose a naturally healthy environment.