5 Features To Look For In a VPS Hosting Provider

Out of the total web hosting market, VPS hosting contributes 10.3% of it. Although it might not look like a significant number right now, remember it is a relatively new domain and hosting service.

Irrespective of still being a part of an evolving industry, VPS is the best middle ground for websites that are crunched due to the limitations of shared hosting and are looking for affordable solutions compared to dedicated hosting. Thus, VPS servers as an ideal solution for those seeking a balance between both hosting solutions.

So before you choose between Linux VPS hosting and Microsoft, it’s best to understand 5 significant features to look for before buying your VPS provider.

VPS Hosting Provider Features

1.      Uniform uptime

Based on the current standard, the VPS server provider should ensure 99.9% uptime; therefore, this can be an essential feature to look for. The more uptime offered by the web hosting provider, the more reliable your website can be.

This is also an essential aspect of ranking on search engines. Make sure the VPS provider also offers a warranty as part of its terms of service.

2.      Whether it is managed or unmanaged

The next thing to check is whether your VPS provider is providing you with a managed VPS option or an unmanaged one.

A managed VPS option gives you more control without the need to personally maintain the server.

This means you don’t have to worry about updating your server, look at security patches and their updates, nor have to stress yourself with data backup, as your vps server provider manages all of it.

But with unmanaged VPS hosting, every technical jargon may fall on your shoulders.

3.      Level of Security

Then, you have to see what kind of security your VPS provider is offering. In most cases, VPS hosting is more secure than shared hosting, but there are also different types of VPS providers.

For instance, cloud VPS service providers can deliver better security. Therefore, it is essential to consider all the aspects, as security crises can not only result in monetary loss but also severe reputational damage.

The right VPS provider will give you choices for security apart from backup, SSL automatic scanning, etc. Also, you can ask if your VPS provider delivers SiteLock security for domain hosting, as it is an excellent sign to trust your provider.

4.      Customer Service

The most crucial area when it comes to VPS hosting is customer service. Everyone prefers speedy resolution of grievances.

Therefore, the best option is to contact the web hosting support team of your chosen provider before registering for the service.

Additionally, it is also good to assess what types of customer support channels exist.

For example, a ticketing system is standard for most providers. However, some web hosts use different types of channels, including phone support, live chat, a knowledge base like FAQs, or even community forum hosting.

5.      Backup of Data

Different hosting companies offer diverse backup coverage options.

For example, how often backups are conducted, how prolonged is the storage period, how comfortable is it to restore data from archives, is it done automatically, can I control my backups?

The more comprehensive the choice, the more valuable the plan. Nevertheless, this can be done at the account level, so you only have a little to concentrate on.


With the help of the features stated above, you can easily get an idea of what to look for while finding the best VPS hosting provider to fit your individual needs if you are looking to have a smooth transition from a shared hosting solution.