Stylish, Cheap Android Phones Take On Technology

With all of the innovative technologies available in today’s world, Android phones come with all of the bells and whistles of the modern age and do not have to cost a small fortune. From the HTC Wildfire and HTC Desire to the Samsung Galaxy series including the Ace and the Mini, Android phones have everything expected of a smartphone including top of the line social media integration for Twitter and Facebook, trendy designs, touchscreens in all sizes, cameras, video recorders, GPS, computers, and even more!

Samsung offers some of the most amazing Android phones on the market today with its Galaxy series. Featuring a very high satisfaction rating, and smartphone resources, this product line is the trendsetter in Android phones. The original Samsung Galaxy boasts a 3.5 inch touchscreen, amazing internet capabilities, Bluetooth compatible technology, GPS, and slim, savvy design. This phone can also be docked and used like an iPod or MP3 player.

In this series, the Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5 offer very similar features with a few distinct differences. Both phones support the same audio formats; both phones have an excellent battery life and medium-sized memory; both phones also have the same internet capabilities and support the same Samsung applications. The Samsung Galaxy 3, though, is a multimedia smartphone with a music player and Micro SD connection, while the Samsung Galaxy 5 boasts a 2.8″ touchscreen and top of the line camera.

For the person who always wants to seize the moment, the Ace phone in this line has amazing resolution and camera capabilities. Still photos and short videos are captured in perfect pixilation with a LED-type flash for a clear and concise image. The large memory and extended battery life are other great attributes of this phone. As well, this phone also provides ports for Bluetooth, headphones, and even a USB drive along with all of the other features expected in an Android phone.

Another advanced Android smartpone is the Samsung Galaxy 551. With its durable appearance and functional structure, the slide out keypad, large touchscreen, and superior pixilation, this phone can be utilized and appreciated by the technology novice or the hi-tech guru. In addition to its great physical features, the 551 model also comes with incredible social media integration, superior GPS tracking, Google features and technologies, along with enhanced connections, extended battery life, and JAVA capabilities for downloading the latest in applications.

Cheap Android phones are on the market right now! With applications for everything from sports to media to airplane schedules, these phones are innovative and modern with the technology expected from a 21st century product. Their trendy yet useful designs, avant garde internet features, and astounding computer-like capabilities, Android phones can keep business moving from any place, any time without the hassle of carrying an additional laptop computer, GPS device, camcorder, digital camera, and iPod. To combine these great products into a phone that can fit in the palm of a hand, Android phones are truly something to behold!